Sarah Hadju As a substitute for Cokelat vocalists Kikan

Birth Name: Siti Sabariah Hadju
Date of Birth: May 25, 1980
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Achievements: Indonesian Idol Season 4 Finalists

Brown bands now appear with the new formation with chocolate that is supported by new vocalist Sarah Hadju former Indonesian Idol finalist 2007. Kikan that characterizes the chocolate does have quit the band that made his name was to focus on raising children. Chocolate Formation is in addition to adding new hadju sarah idol as a vocalist also adds a new drummer the drummer because ervin brown resign. For whatever reason the top band dropout meliirk Indonesia Indonesian Idol vocalist to be a substitute for them, just look at who replaced fandy santoso sammy kerispatih, and now as the new vocalist Sarah Hadju chocolate. If from the physical aspect does sarah hadju clearly more attractive than kikan. but of course the hallmark of sound kikan remains irreplaceable.

Hadju aka Sarah Idol Sarah finally premiering on water as a vocalist Chocolate in WTC Mangga Dua in GREAT event on Sunday (25 / 7) yesterday. INDONESIAN IDOL finalist in 2007 was immediately captured the hearts of the fans of the old Chocolate lulled by the appearance of former vocalist, Kikan. Check out Sarah's biography and profile Hadju hadju sarah.

Sarah hadju not want to try replacing the figure of a somewhat legendary Kikan for chocolate fans.

Performed with the three remaining original personnel namely Ronny, Erwin, and Ernest - Sarah gets many compliments. "Excellence Sarah, her spirit. We're talking, which we also had a problem yesterday and now Sarah's passion for a new spirit. Sarah is positive thinking person. We do not discuss the comparison of the old. We want to become a better band and large," said Ronny.

"Auditions two months, how many times nyobain. We are already seeing her sing until the end result is maximum. I hope she becomes more spirit because our schedule is a lot," said Erwin.

"With the release of the old vocalist instead we are so lonely job or fall, we have new challenges, new spirit, new toy. Kitanya be more successful. Yes, the three of us did the war of ideas, but do not have to fight," continued Ernest.

Sarah admits, a few days he felt much happier because of how much support to it. According to him, Chocolate is not just based on vocals, but rather to his own music. Fun also continues, although there are few complaints from their fans.

"Some of today in social networking much to complain about the new vocalist Chocolate. But after seeing how we look, finally they understand and provide support after seeing and listening to our songs," added Ernest

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