Demi Moore is rumored to hit the paparazzi out of anger

Marriage problems experienced by Demi Moore, seems to make him become more irritable. He also reportedly had just hit a paparazzi who want to take her picture.

As quoted from contact music, says Demi Moore hit a paparazzi as she went to a nail salon in Los Angeles on Friday (28/11/2011). 48-year-old actress was angry and swearing and then the paparazzi are hitting the camera.

"Demi is a madman, he's really lost its way. I just stood on the sidewalk and tried to take some pictures herself. He tried to jump at me and hit my camera," said the paparazzi were to X17online site.

For the sake of being dirudung problems caused by infidelity of her husband, Ashton Kutcher has shown signs that he was depressed. When went to premiere the movie 'Margin Call' which starred in, the body which usually looks fresh sake became very thin.

As reported previously, Demi Moore insisted to end the Big Dipper households with Ashton Kutcher. But her husband is reportedly so desperate that, hoping to save his marriage.

"He (Demi) is currently consulting with a divorce lawyer. Ashton did not want Demi to file for divorce, he hopes to improve the situation. Even so, Ashton believes that the order will be filed," said a source.

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