Wedding artist Coco Lee With Traditional Jewish

Happy news data from one of the world-class artists asia Coco Lee, who has been married to successful businessman named Bruce Rockowitz aka conglomerates. where their marriage was successfully listed in the "Sky 100 Observation Deck", Hong Kong. Interestingly, the wedding was held with the traditional Jewish custom.
A variety of white flowers dominated the wedding hall's decoration that signifies purity. 36-year-old singer was wearing a wedding dress and jewelry worth $ 160 thousand (about USD 1.4 billion), while Bruce was wearing traditional Jewish dress, one-legged.

The wedding ceremony took place was so solemn. Interestingly, after exchanging rings, they broke a glass in a Jewish custom is believed that the sound of broken glass marked the beginning of a blessed marriage.

"During the wedding ceremony, my heart was beating very fast and I almost cried," said Coco. "But I have to stop crying at the thought of my dog ​​at home, because marriage should be events that should be enjoyed."

Wedding reception party held at the Ritz Carlton lively and attended by famous artists. Among Elva Hsiao, Bowie Tseng, A-Yes, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and many more. Jennifer, Alicia and Bruno even sang a song for the bride in front of about 200 guests. And continued in the evening, they again held a wedding with a total of 800 invited guests at Tseung Kwan O Shaw Studio, Hong Kong.

Problem premarital agreement, Coco and Bruce said he would share anything with each other, including all their assets together.


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