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* Name: Ayu Rosmalina / "Ayu Tingting"
* Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, June 20, 1990
* Profession: dangdut singer, presenter, model
* Height: 160 cm
* Weight: 45 kg
* Achievements: Star sari ayu, 2006, Princess 2006 Depok, Depok fathers, Presenter Quiz (quiz), Album Dangdut (Geol Ajep2)
* Album: Dangdut (Account of Love), Goyang Sejati (quiz), Dangdut Yoo (TPI), Ria Camera (TVRI), Dangdut Pro (TVRI) False Address

Singer song "Alamat Palsu", Ayu Ting Ting, Ting Ting's claim to get the name of the record producer who handles his first album. Since the name is, women born in Depok, June 20, 1992, it became quickly known.

"So, on my first album there is song 'Ting Ting', which is still one album with 'Addresses False'. Because I still ting-ting (virgin), my producer said, 'My name is Ting Ting was only because his name is easy to remember ', "the story of Ayu in an interview at Studio hangar, Jewel, South Jakarta, Tuesday (04/10/2011).

Along with the use of Ting Ting's name as his last name, Ayu began to achieve success. "Ayu ngejalanin this is not an instant, starting from zero, ranging from baseball had a vehicle," he said.

Ayu recalled, bitter underrated as a dangdut singer has become a meal at the beginning of a career. "Joy, it's a little old. In fact, a lot of grief. Not to mention that because my friend dilecehin dangdut singer junior fit," Ayu said.

However, Ayu claims remain indifferent to the scorn that comes into his ear. "It's good so why dangdut singer because singing little remains to be paid. For me, singing dangdut baseball problem, as long as I was doing was lawful," he said.

He then began to enjoy the results. "Thank God, I was able to buy the car before me as famous as it is today. Then, I also can ngebenerin my house a little, but my home baseball like this before now," he explained. "Nice, added grateful same God, I can nyangka baseball as it is now," he said again.

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