Julia Perez filming the latest video titled 69

The singer Julia Perez revealed that the concept of the single and the new clip, titled 69 very different when she brings singles Belah Duren. Artists who are familiar Jupe called this said if this change along with him who has grown up.

"Must is well different than before. It flicked the lyrics are my age have grown really well," he said when met at the Hotel and karaoke Sun City, Jakarta, Sunday (9 / 10).

With a provocative title track and the concept of a sexy and glamorous clips, Jupe admitted to not be afraid if he was banned again. For him this is a characteristic which he has since the first stretcher.

"Yes it's been like this Jupe. I want I have attributes. I'm eccentric but is actually a positive yes. I'm different from other artist," he explained.

Jupe added if prior banned, it would be nice to hear and see first. He did not want people to just say something weird about the song.

"Heard and seen first and commented upon, hopefully acceptable, do not immediately say strange things deh. Bismillah only. I just want to entertain. I'm not a terrorist, I hope my work can be accepted. I am not listening to it the difference of people outside there. But I really listen to what people say. what I do certainly controversial, "he said. source


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