Maeeva Amin Artist Hot From Jiran Country

Sexy actress from Malaysia, Maeeva Amin, the extent reasonably assume melakoni bikini scene. Moreover, if the bikini on the beach. Although lekak-smooth curves and her body on display. That's why he accepted the offer diving scene in the movie Wild Women-Women.
"If the extent of bikinis on the beach, no problem for me. It is vulgar, really, but it was on the beach. If I wear a bikini at the mall it's obviously wrong, "said Maeeva when ditremui XXI in Hollywood films after presscreening Wild Women-Women's MVP Pictures production. "But if I offered a scene making love (sex), I obviously refused. Moreover, if the scene dealt with the vulgar, "he added.
Maeeva admitted as an actress she must be professional. "I'm not a hypocrite, as a player I've got to act. But, still I set limits, "he said.

Maeeva Amin is a descendant of French actress - Pakistani who was born in Malaysia. Several titles have been dilakoninya soap operas and films, like horror movies and soap operas Satan Facebook Khadijah and the Caliph.
Therefore, Maeeva eager to get a role or a female protagonist and good characteristics. In fact, the role of veiled Muslim women really wanted. With that role, he hopes to further hone his acting skills.

"In some movies that I play I always gets sexy roles. So I'd love to dapet role of a good woman, yes, like wearing the hijab, "admit it. "But people said I was evil eyes, so hard to get a part like that. Failure by the role of antagonist yes continue, "he said as he took off laughing.

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