5 Clothing Men are So Inspiring Women

Lately, a lot of runway stage was dominated by female fashion collection inspired by menswear. For example, a series of fashion of Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren featuring baggy sweaters, slacks, shirt and blazer with a sharp piece of man-style.

A touch of the masculine in women's clothing to create a classic and sophisticated look. Interestingly, this style of dress can be worn by almost all sizes and body shapes. So, it's good if you have some tomboy fashion items as quoted from this Sheknows.

1. Materials pants patterned lines
Pants material with a thin line motif is one key to the masculine style of dress. Pair with a sweater and a fitted shirt or short sleeved blouse to still look feminine. The trick is, wearing high-heeled shoes and choose the flare-cut pants or wide-leg ladder so you look more and more slender.

2. Poncho or Cape
Forget your cardigan, switch on this one fashion item. Besides being a trend, poncho or cape can alter the appearance of a white shirt and black pants you are boring to stylish instantly. In addition, the poncho also serves to cover the shortfall of the body, so you need not fear a big belly due to glut lunch, terkespos free.

3. Blazer
In addition slacks, a blazer is one of the must-have fashion item when you want to look neat style of masculine men. But so as not to forget the essence of femininity, pilihlan blazer with the right size and follow your curves. Not only must a monochrome color, like a bright palette of coral, green, blue and pastels, are being favored by lovers of fashion and make much more refreshed appearance.

4. Brogue Shoes
Maximize your masculine appearance by wearing low-heeled shoes brogue. Not only can help you get the urban look and comfort for walking, these shoes also give effect to any tomboyish clothes you wear. Mix and match brogue shoes with just about anything you want to use, ranging from floral skirts, knit sweaters made from thick-cut dress up midi tight.

5. Classic shirt
Dress shirt is the most inspired by menswear. Try to invest by buying a few shirts with a wide selection of materials for example, mkemeja white cotton, denim and shirts made from sheer or transparent. Each shirt is to give different effects, white shirt synonymous with classic clothing, denim for a more relaxed and very sheer material so that the right asserted feminine silhouette to wear on a date.


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