Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Not So Separated

Had reportedly almost broke up, it turns out this couple chose to remain compact. As reported by the Bangshowbiz, Selena Gomez will remain with Justin Bieber to the Dark Ages due to the charge due to Justin Yeater Mariah.

Although Selena several times seems to go without Justin at his side, but the Selena insisted that their relationship is currently very good. One source close to Selena, as reported by the Bangshowbiz, revealed that the young singer alongside Justin will continue whatever happens.

Strength of their love was reinforced by pictures circulated by TMZ on Saturday (05/11) yesterday. In the photo, they appear to hold hands while out of the car to the event 'MTV EUROPE', held in Northern Ireland some time ago.

Previously, eonline news that Selena could not stand to news related that her lover. Due to Mariah Yeater lawsuit stating that Justin is the father of a child birth in July 2011 and, reportedly had asked Selena broke up.

Justin himself has been officially declared publicly that all of Mariah's story is a lie propagated. He claimed to have never met Mariah, let alone to have sex in the back of the stage. It is highly unlikely because each after the show he always walked to the car without a stop-stop by again.

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