Cheryl Cole's live return in jeopardy

Cheryl Cole's live return at Children in Need Rocks Manchester on Thursday (17:11:11) is in jeopardy after She has been diagnosed with a throat infection.

Cheryl Cole's live return is in jeopardy after come She has been diagnosed with a throat infection.

The 'Promise This' singer has been taken ill ahead of the Manchester Children in Need Rocks charity concert on Thursday (17:11:11), where She is set to sing a duet with Take That frontman Gary Barlow.

Gary toll Metro newspaper: "We are watching this space at the moment Because Cheryl has been ill over the weekend. So fingers crossed, it's all going to be all right

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There's a chance Cheryl That Might have to pull out. The next 24 hours are crucial. She'll see a doctor on Wednesday morning to see if SHE can perform."

The charity show is thought to be Cheryl's first scheduled live performance this year. The Children in Need Rocks Concert Will also see Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, JLS, Elbow, N Dubz, Hugh Laurie, Snow Patrol, Michael Buble and Lady Gaga perform live, but Gary said he talked to Cheryl Pls, huh She was the person most wanted to duet with.

He added: "I Would not have asked Cheryl to duet with me because I'm a gentleman. So I said to her: 'Do you fancy doing something? Take your pick. We've got Coldplay, you can duet with anyone . '

"And She said: 'Well, what about you? I fancy doing something with you."

Gary is also excited about seeing Gaga, WHO he has given free rein to put on a stage show as elaborate as She wants.

He added: "It's gonna be amazing. She'll be something Bringing That Will keep us all talking for a week, I'm sure. We're all like: 'You do what you want. Go for it!'"



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