In addition it turns out Jason Mraz Concert Medium In Bali, Paris Hilton is also being Holidays in bali

There are differing in Bali this evening, especially in the Garden of Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Lucky 'singer on Wednesday (9 / 11) managed to conjure some 5,000 spectators in the Jason Mraz concert titled Special Acoustic Evening With Toca Rivera. Drizzle that falls in the afternoon could make the audience a little worried to see this concert. Not a few spectators who finally decided to buy umbrellas and raincoats.

At approximately 17:00 pm, one of the opening band, Maliq D Essentials and began entertaining the audience that is already present. Chanting songs of Anga et al, are able to make the audience a little sway. At around 18:30 the main door was opened, the crowd began lining up to enter the concert area. This audience was queuing up outside Parks Bhagawan.

Weather seems to be friendly, overcast drizzle stopped changing. Spectators who was waiting in the visible can not wait to see the appearance of Jason Mraz, and when Jason and Toca Rivera appeared on stage at 20.00 pm, the audience immediately cheered. "Good evening," said Jason, wearing a black T-shirts and headbands that read PEACE, told the audience.

Not waiting for a long time, Jason immediately opened his performance that night with the song The World I See It, and immediately followed by No Doubling Back, If It Kills Me, Make It Mine, Lucky, who immediately greeted warmly by the audience singing along. Not to forget the songs are quite popular in Indonesia, such as Remedy, Mr. Curiosity, Butterfly was sung to I'm Yours Jason and Toca Rivera.

After bringing I'm Yours, Jason thanked him, and the stage lights going out. But the audience seems to still not satisfied. Cries of 'We want more, We want more' began to be heard. Soon after Jason returned to the stage and closed the concert that night by singing Life Is Wonderful. "Until we meet again, my love of all, thank you," he said in Indonesian language fluently concert closes at 22.30 pm.

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