Wow! Nikita Mirzani Planning Meet With His chest tattoo

Having many tattoos on the chest was not making Nikita Mirzani satisfied. The plan, it will add a sexy artist tattoo collection to satisfy the section.

"Actually, this is not so. But when it's finished, will be full sedada, "she said pointing a large tattoo on his chest with his name, in Epicentrum, Brass, South Jakarta, Sunday (29/01/2012).

However, he is reluctant to reveal further what the future will be like a tattoo that will meet the breast. "Not just ah do now," he said secretive.

Mother of one child is like a tattoo since 2007. Starting from a desire to try to reproduce the tattoo is getting into when he was growing up.

Until now, the tattoo of the former lover Kiki 'The Potter' was already there are 17 tattoos on his body. Of 17 tattoos, the tattoo is the only one favorite.

"What your favorite under the navel, pictures of flowers. I feel sexy when wearing a bikini. It just made ​​(see) certain people only, "he teased.