Dewi Persik Not Open Graded DOC Mr.Bean Although not equal

lthough Dewi Persik Graded not worth Acting DOC 'Mr.Bean', but the owner responded by rocking the saw cool. There are some parties felt was not worth Depe Compete acting with actors of the caliber of Atkinson or Mr.Bean.

mr bean Depe Dewi Persik Cuek Mr.Bean Although DOC Acting Rated Not worth some time ago, on one occasion Depe Catwoman costume in order to promo his new movie entitled Mr.Bean Mr.Bean Trance with DP.

When Filming a movie called 'Mr.Bean DP Trance', he admitted to not talk much with Atkinson. According to the actor's very serious and professional.

"But I do not fit he met a lot of talk. He also did not like on TV in a humorous," said Depe.

Atkinson and Depe Mr.Bean or both will play two characters in the movie Mr.Bean Trance DP, human and pocong. According to the producer KK Dheeraj, star of 'Jhonny English' would also be a bit of dialogue in the Indonesian language.

According to the newspaper, Dewi Persik Paid $ 2 M to Compete Acting DOC, Rowan Atkinson or Mr, Bean Mr.Bean Trance DP in the film. Figures are not exceptional.

Atkinson Could play together in the movie Mr.Bean Trance DP, a woman Who is usually called by the name of Depe it feels very Grateful. According to Dewi Persik saw the owner shake it, not many Indonesian actress WHO seems a to have a golden opportunity.