WHEN Tasya Kamila filming SAY NO VIDEO CLIP

Former singer child tasya Kamila, do not feel now entering adolescence. Even the girl who is famous for its album The Shepherd's Son, is now listed as a student at a state university in Jakarta.
tasya Kamila was still busy with her career as a singer, except she is now aiming for teen music market, as his age. He began his new song promo busy, Say No to the theme of love.

"This is a video clip filming my first single titled Say No theme is catchy and Colorful. This song tells about a girl who refuses guys rag Say No to blackguard," said Trisha half pitch.

Tasya who was met on the set of her music videos, on Jl. Bangka XI 15 A, South Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 8), revealed that the decision to talk about the 'Say No To Alligator Army' comes from the music labels. However, the song describes his personal character, a Tasya Kamila who was a teenager. Moreover, supported by music videos directed by director Hedy Suryawan.

"This decision to label me. But I think this character in Say No me out really. The character I was a bright (bright) it looks. If didengerin it looked really if that's the character I am. The song is also fitting for the teenager, teenagers today and could adapted to their personal lives. His song up-beat, exciting and fun, "explained Tasya Kamila vigorously.

Say No own songs by Tasya Kamila was still in the form of singles and will be followed by the album version. All songs are his own.

"God willing, there is his album. Overall I've worked on nearly 10 songs for the album. This song is easy listening, up-beat, and fit for teenagers," he said.

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