Justin Timberlake had a crush on Pippa Middleton

LONDON - Looks like an admirer of Pippa Middleton continues to grow. After the User and Cee-Lo Green, now turn to Justin Timberlake who confessed a crush on Kate Middleton's sister.
Some time ago, Usher had revealed that he'd love to have this model Lingerie Line. While Cee-Lo Green hoped to go out with Pippa.

In an interview with Esquire magazine in the UK, ex-lover Jessica Biel says that most American men is a huge fan of Pippa Middleton.

"We are very fond of Middleton. I can not stop this feeling now, "he said, as quoted from Aceshowbiz on Saturday (29/10/2011).

Furthermore, Justin also revealed he intends to return to the role of the art world because the people around him have made ​​him think seriously on the field.

"I am serious baseball trying to become an actor, I just try to do my best course," he said.

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