Agnes Monica and Jaclyn Victor Collaboration in SEA Games

Three famous female singers of Southeast Asia will collaborate on the opening of the SEA Games in the Stadium XXVI Jakabaring Srivijaya, Palembang, South Sumatra, Friday (11/11/2011).

"There are three singers who will perform the best, Agnes Monica, KC Konception Filipina and Jaclyn Victor from Malaysia. The three singers will collaborate to entertain and fill the opening ceremony of the SEA Games later," said SEA Games opening ceremony director XXVI, Helmi Yahya in Palembang , Tuesday (08/11/2011).

According to Helmi, Agnes Monica who is a talented young singer from Indonesia will sing the theme song of the SEA Games, with both the singer.

"In accordance with the initial concept that the theme song for the SEA Games We Can which is the creation Yovie Widianto be sung by Agnetha Faltskog and most likely on November 9 was in Palembang to exercise together," he said.

Besides Agnes, will also feature singer dropout Indonesian Idol, Judith and Joy Tobing.

"The concept of the show will be very spectacular, but can not clearly articulated because it is secret and want to give surprise to the audience," said Helmi anyway.

He added, besides the famous Indonesian singer, also involves an experienced composer Erwin Velasquez.

"Currently being done strengthening exercises end, after practicing since November 2 at the Stadium Jakabaring Palembang. In a day or two forwards have entered the rehearsal stage," he said anyway.

According to Helmi, the property has been at the opening ceremony of the stadium and ready for use.

"Various properties have been there in Jakabaring dance, such as boats, spears dancers, and others. In addition, the manufacture stage and speaker system also has been almost completed," he said.

A number of musical performances and dances will be displayed at the opening and closing of the SEA Games XXVI, on 11 to 22 November 2011.

Some of the dances that will be displayed, including Srivijaya-The Golden Peninsula (Alex Hassim), Knitting Nusantara (Smith Puja), and the Journey Begin Heard Of The City and the Reach Out The Dream (Hartati).

"I accommodate two dances at once,` Journey Begin's dance will be opening the show `and` Reach Out 'to the closing dance, "said Hartati.

The second show, according to Hartati, will showcase traditional dances the Heritage is an archipelago that will be trained by Alex Hassim.

"The third appearance, Dedi Puja, as a choreographer will be responsible for the dance with the headline Knitting Archipelago," he said again.

The city of Palembang, South Sumatra Province to host the SEA Games XXVI by holding 21 sports, as well as organizers of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Other sports matches held in Jakarta and elsewhere in West Java.


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