Michael Jackson's Death Bed Auctioned!

Although the relics who witnessed someone's death is often considered to be scary, but not so with Michael Jackson's bed is. Bed and a number of other historic relics will soon be thrown into the auction.

Reporting from Contactmusic, the object which is a silent witness the death of Michael Jackson will be sold in Julien's Auctions to be held on 17 December. However, it has not been mentioned in detail how the opening price for the medium sized bed.

Bed 'bloody' is both owned by Michael's bed being auctioned. Previously, a bed made ​​of mahogany occupied Thriller 'singer is currently living in Coolatore House, Ireland in 2006 has also been released into the hands of residents at a price of $ 8.600 on November 7, 2011.

In addition to the bed, the other items to be auctioned is a three-story mansion that was home to the King of Pop until his death. Luxury home is also a witness to the days of Michael covered misery.

The house consists of six bedrooms. 10 fireplaces, wine cellar, fitness center and a large pond. But have not mentioned the price to be pegged to the house. The auction itself will be held in Los Angeles.


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