The appearance Selena Gomez in Belfast

Former Disney star, Selena Gomez, appeared so fascinating to dress
a colorful stage in the Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

There are many stories behind the events remaining in the annual MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland a few days ago. Former Disney star, Selena Gomez, appear so charming with her ​​stage dresses are colorful. Starting from youth slang style, retro style to conservative with genuine leather dresses or dresses with a touch of sequin sparkle.

See his appearance with a touch of tulle gown with short hair combined with a lightweight blend makeup footwear Toddlers and Tiaras current collection has just arrived and stepped on the red carpet Odyssey Arena.

When on stage to sing, Selena juggling appearances with dress-style print maxi dress combined leather corset.

Shortly thereafter he changed his appearance dressed ABG disco style jumpsuit with a red halter dress design boutique The Blonds in New York City. His performance this time even more charming with a gold necklace collection Grainnne Maher.

Selena marked retro look with a dress hip-hop music video style of the 1980s.
He appeared with a black jacket and gold colors blend with metallic colors combined leggings and shoes sparkling all-round. Justin Bieber was definitely made ​​unnerved.

Selena look more excited again when he later dressed up paced tightly coupled with the hot pants hottie tight yellow tanktop top which makes it appear blink-blink.
On the next occasion she wore a yellow-green skirt resembles a bell-style dolls. Selena Gomez is really different!


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