Wow.. Paris Hilton Vacationing in Bali!

Create a class celebrity Paris Hilton, crossed the globe is definitely not a big problem. After a long vacation in Europe and India, now Paris took time to visit Indonesia, or more precisely Bali. Unfortunately there is no information about the destination of Paris to Bali today. It could be Paris come to Bali because of Jason Mraz.

Around dusk earlier, Paris Hilton was informed that he had just landed on the island. "Just landed in # Bali! So excited to be here for my first time! I've been wanting to come here forever! This is going to be amazing! # YES!" Paris Hilton wrote via Twitter.

Two hours later, Paris was at the hotel where to stay and once again praised the beauty of Bali and the beach. "Wow! Love the hotel I'm staying at here in # Bali. Absolutely incredible, a total of paradise right on the beach. So beautiful! Loves it! # YES!" said the socialite who often tangled issue.

It is unclear whether Paris Hilton's visit to Bali was nothing to do with Jason Mraz concert titled Special Acoustic Evening With Toca Rivera held at the Park Bhagawan Nusa Dua, Bali. Clearly, this is Paris Hilton's first visit to the homeland. Hopefully Paris will return home carrying a beautiful impression about Indonesia.

Some time ago, Paris Hilton was on holiday in India and complain about economic conditions in that beautiful country. "India is beautiful, but some parts are still plagued by poverty. It was sad to see the babies to sleep on the streets," writes Paris via his Twitter account at the time. Source


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