Justin Bieber Problem Theatre Facts Finally Revealed!

Drama of life that continues to envelop, seems to make Justin Bieber began stifling. Unable to bear by various gossip around him, the singer's song Baby finally spoke up and explained facts about the woman who claimed to have dihamilinya it.

Reporting from Aceshowbiz, Justin who was then appearing in the show on Friday FRIDAY (04/11) yesterday turned out to not just perform to entertain the audience. In addition to his new album promotional purposes, UNDER THE MISTLETOE, Justin also asserted that the news was all lies!

With confidence, the 17-year-old singer revealed to Matt Lauer, as master of ceremony, that he did not know a woman named Mariah Yeater. He also asserted that the busy life as a singer, he would never meet with fans behind the stage in a way as told Yeater.

"I just want to say that the news was all lies. I knew that I would be a target, but to keep in mind is that I will never be a victim. The story is crazy, because every night after a gig, I always walked to the back of the stage and into car, so really mad if anyone says that kind of false accusations. Again, I reiterate that it's all a lie, "he said when interviewed.

20-year-old woman who claims to be the mother of the child is Justin Bieber have her baby in July 2011 last. He claimed to have been invited Justin to have sex without protection. But Justin himself revealed that he did not know her.

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