This Artist's Breasts Look At Swim

LOS ANGELES - The beach is one of the favorites among celebrities on holiday with family or girlfriend. However, still can not make the artist to easily escape the naughty paparazzi shots.
A number of Hollywood actress once had an embarrassing experience when they vacation at the beach. Without them knowing it an important part of the body because they look too busy swimming.

Genesis and even then instantly become easy targets of paparazzi who are always lurking. Unfortunately, photographs of the artist's private parts is widespread in various media and Internet sites.

As quoted by Radar Online, Wednesday (19/10/2011), artists such as Lindsay Lohan experienced an embarrassing incident while playing the waves. Putting the movie Mean Girls star was clearly visible.

Heidi Montag is far worse. Apart until the bikini she wore made ​​her breasts exposed. Although the direct covering breasts, paparazzi camera shots much faster than Heidi's hand movements.

Other artists such as Courtney Cox has also experienced a similar incident when her nipples poking out while being engrossed in swimming. In addition, there are names like Whitney Port, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and her nipples looked unconscious when she was busy playing on the beach sand.

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